SudoPay: Enabling secure payments for everyday users.

Anonyome Labs


Lead Designer

With growing financial privacy and security concerns amongst everyday consumers, Anonyome Labs wanted to give consumers a way to make purchases safely and securely. I was asked to lead the design of SudoPay, a Payment Protection app and had the privilege of working with a team of talented engineers, a product manager and a designer. 

Payment Protection

As our usage of credits cards online increase, so do the threats of credit card fraud, identity theft, hackers and spam. Financial institutions sometimes refund stolen money during such events but there’s little they can do to take back the stolen identity and personal information. To prevent any loss of consumer’s personal information, Sudo Pay lets consumers create, manage and use digital virtual cards in place of their real credit cards. This way, even if the card is breached, the consumer’s personal information is left untouched.


Like all my projects, I started by investigating and learning about 3 key areas.  
About Us -  Digging deeper into requirements, learning about our technology, business goals, challenges and more. 
The Consumer - Understanding the pains, behaviors and opportunities that consumers face as it relates to payment protection.
The Landscape - Learning about our competitors, the experiences they provide and understanding what customers are accustomed to.


Based on the above learnings, we were able to expand on the product requirements and derive the experience goals. SudoPay was going to be an app where you can create and use secure virtual cards that were not linked to any personal information, like digital cash.


Conceptualize, Test, Iterate and Repeat.

We set out to create, test and iterate to come up with the most easy, intuitive and delightful user experience. This process included team workshops, 6 user testing sessions, surveys and more. Through this process we not only ironed out any kinks in the user experience but also got a better understanding of the target customer. We uncovered other interests they had for this product - like compartmentalizing their finances, sending secure gift cards etc. We built a product roadmap based on the learnings from these exercises.


Visual Design

After multiple rounds of iterating, testing & reviewing, we arrived at a concept that fulfilled business, customer and UX goals. In terms of visual design we wanted to create something that felt easy, approachable and a little fun. Here are some snapshots from the final product.


Secure. Private. Worry-free.

There’s never a link between SudoPay and customer’s personal information — so they never have to worry about spam or identity theft. We don’t know who they are and never collect, track or monitor any of their personal data.


Shop. Pay. Go.

Another key aspect of ensuring consumers have successful usage is that the tool needs to be at the right place at the right time rather than having the customer come to it. To help with that, we created a desktop browser extension so they can easily access their virtual cards and auto-fill with a single click. 

We displayed a series of use case cards in the UI to give them ideas on different aspects of their expenses they can protect.

A card for every ocassion.

We also created a SudoPay gift card experience for more secure gift card exchanges. Users can easily create and send personalized gift cards to anyone – even if they don’t have SudoPay. 

To make the experience more personalized and joyful, we provided a collection of images that consumers can customize their cards with to fit their own personal style. They also had the option to upload their own, which made for really fun gift cards.


Create and manage cards easilly.

We simplified the experience and made it very easy for users to quickly create, customize, view and manage cards and purchases at-a-glance – with real-time transactions, notifications and settings.

After a successful run in the app store, SudoPay was combined with SudoApp into a new privacy app, MySudo to provide a wholistic experience with other privacy capabilties. This app was also whitelabeled and launched by a privacy giant.


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