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In today’s world millions of consumers manage much of their lives online, and most of us feel the growing loss of control over our privacy. Consumers should be able determine how, what and with whom they share their personal details.

Anonyome Lab’s mission is to give people control and freedom over their personal and private information.

As Head of Design, my goal was to make that happen by turning complex privacy problems into consumer friendly products. This included hands on-design work and leading a team of high performing designers to create and successfully launch and maintain 4 consumer apps, 3 websites, branding, research, marketing & sales collateral including videos, print material and digital assets. Here is snippet of my work around MySudo, our main consumer offering.

These days a person's phone number & email address are as good as their social security number. Having access to them means being able to easily access all their personal information, accounts, data and more. To regain control over your personal information we need to have control over the information you share. With that in mind, we created Sudos.



A Sudo is a digital profile that lets users interact with other people and organizations while protecting their personal data. It is alternate profile that comes with a name, phone number, email address, private browser and secure virtual cards. It provides tools to secure the entire user journey from looking up a product to getting delivery updates, from your first communication to a new contact to paying securely for things online.

Having multiple Sudos allows people to practice one of the safest strategies of privacy - diversification.



To bring this to the users, we created MySudo, an app where users can create and manage Sudos for privacy protection. Below are some key feature highlights from the app. 


Users can create up to 9 Sudo profiles with working phone numbers and emails for any activity

There’s never a link between the Sudos and a user’s personal information — so they never have to worry about spam or identity theft. We don’t know who they are and never collect, track or monitor any of their personal data. (unless required by law)


MySudo lets users call and text anyone, setup custom voicemail boxes, ringtones,
and more.


Sudo-to-Sudo messaging is secure for individuals and groups. Enjoy GIFs, editable, and expiring messages


Users can take control over their email with a new inbox for each Sudo

Each Sudo has a private browser with bookmarks, tracker blockers and more

Create virtual cards to protect your financial information. Shop more securely online



My team and I also designed the MySudo website to help with awareness and acquisition.


Sudo Platform

Due to the success of MySudo and growing demands from companies to intergrate these privacy solutions in their products, we built the Sudo Platform. My team and I design sales & marketing material including the website.

Visit Sudo Platform


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