2020 Calendar
The Anti-Calendar

The last couple of years have been filled with a lot of anxiety, conflict, stress and sadness for many of us. It seems like every day, the news is getting worse. On top of that, the things that surround us, the things we look at all day, the blocks of screens, planners, billboards are only helping amplify it. So, I wanted to create something simple that hopefully gives some breathing space.

This daily calendar has 365 unique gradients derived from the colors of sunrise and sunset. These gradients shift like the sky, each making a unique combination. Each page is a day and every week starts with a new cut out pattern. No dates, no reminders, no goal setting, just days. An anti-calendar calendar, a reminder that today is unique, that good or bad it, there’s a sunrise to every sunset. Breathe and take it one day at a time.

Update: Little did I know that I accidentally forecasted what the year would be like. With the quarantine every day seemed into blend into the other for a lot of people. There’s no real concept of dates, days, months as everything blurred into one crazy cosmic mess.


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